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Access-able information!

No matter what business you are in - arranging vacations, providing financial services, selling houses, entrepreneurship, dealing in basics or luxuries. You want people to know about it, so make it Access-able!

When your information is Access-able to everyone, you make a powerful statement about your business and your commitment to people.

New Product Announcement  from Access-USA

Access-USA is North America's largest fully integrated production house for all types of alternative format media from braille to captioning.

Access-USA has over two decades of experience and leadership in helping businesses and organizations to communicate more effectively with over 4.2 million people with visual impairments,

and this market is growing every year!

The Americans with Disabilities Act is opening doors in the business world. Not just doors to new markets, but doors to untapped human resources as well.

Employers have found that employees with disabilities have proven to be hard working and reliable, while accommodations are often less complicated or expensive than anticipated.

Good employees make good consumers and these consumers have desires, disposable incomes and disabilities. When you are Access-able, consumers will find you more easily and then tell others!

New Product Announcement  from Access-USA

Well, dive on in and surf through the Access-USA site.

You will find information about:

Access to alternative media services

Access to a catalog of wonderful products from The Braille Factory

Access to ADA accommodations

Access to braille business cards

Access to audio and video formats

Access to consultants and quotes

Access-USA will help you reach new markets with innovative products and services.


Our goal is to help you deliver your message by the most effective means possible !

Call toll free 1.800.263.2750 or email.


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Services Section

Braille Services      [graphic site option]

Leave a lasting positive impression on your clientele by providing your information in braille.  

Access-USA can transcribe billing statements, brochures, correspondence, reports, manuals, menus and other materials quickly and efficiently. Your customers will be assured that their concerns are your concerns.

Whether you are in the manufacturing sector, service industries, tourism or medical, people with visual impairments will appreciate your efforts to provide information in a format that is Access-able.

Access-USA uses the latest in computerized technology and offers a variety of document styles and sizes to best suit your needs.  We can print your logo on the cover, bind the information in the manner most effective and drop ship to your customers.

Our convenient one stop shopping is the solution for all your alternative format media needs.

Our fully integrated production facilities allow your documents to be produced in braille, large print, or audio recordings while your videos are being made more Access- able too!

  As with all our services Access-USA offers a variety of languages: English, Spanish and French being predominant in braille or large print transcription. Braille transcriptions are usually to Grade 2 unless otherwise requested.

 Grade 1 braille is a letter for letter translation, whereas Grade 2 braille uses short forms for particular letter combinations such as 'th', 'sh', 'ou', 'and' and many others.

If you have any questions about documentation, formats, quotes or production, our consultants will be happy to assist you.

Access-USA will introduce you and your services to a new and vibrant target market.

  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Large Print Services      [graphic site option]

  One of the least addressed concerns in society is print accessibility for people with low vision.

  These are not just the concerns of people with visual impairments but also for older persons because visual acuity frequently decreases with age. 

  It makes good economic sense for businesses and organizations to provide their information in a large print format for the convenience and consideration of those customers who often have a greater percentage of disposable income than the average.

  Appropriate production of large print is more than merely enlarging a regular printed page.  By using particular printing attributes that help reduce eye strain Access-USA can produce material that gives your readers more comfort and ease of reading.

   Access-USA Customer Service is ready to assist you in preparing the best possible, large print documents for your project.  Items may be printed in large print only, or together with other formats to give your audience the most flexibility in accessing your products and services.

  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.

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Services Section

Business Card Services      [graphic site option]

Access-USA Braille business cards make good business sense. 

A business card is often the only thing a customer will take away from an encounter with you.

Make sure it's memorable.

Braille business cards are remarkable!

Braille business cards make a strong positive statement about the individual as well as the company they represent.

Braille business cards make good business sense.

Braille business cards give immediate information to people with visual impairments while leaving a lasting impression on the community at large.

Access-USA is North America's largest producer of high quality braille business cards.

We can braille a single box of business cards or a million bookmarks or folders with well defined, uniform, easy to read braille - quickly and economically.

When you send your standard, printed cards to Access-USA, we will braille them on the back with your name, your organization's name and your phone number.

Any number of standard size business cards, up to 500, will be brailled for $69.95 per person.

Shipping and handling will be additional.

Larger cards can also be brailled and can accommodate more information than regular cards.

Billing is treated as a second order if more than 4 lines of information are requested.

The parameters to consider when ordering a braille translation that may be different than above are the following:

1.    we can braille up to 4 lines per card

2.    14 characters per line

3.    we will automatically translate to UEB braille unless otherwise instructed

If you have any questions or concerns, consultants will be pleased to assist you.


Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


  Excerpt of comments received from Braille business card holders:

  �The Braille is such a nice touch for these cards. People have made so many remarks. I would love to have an emailed catalogue to see what else might help me in my work. Thank you�, P. Sugar

  �Hello, I have gotten the business cards, and they are great. Thank you�, J Carson

  �Thanks.... I love the cards.... in all of the National networking that I do I get a lot of comments.   In non-disability related forums they are show stoppers.  More importantly, I am most satisfied when I have a person smile when they feel it is something they can read.   Thank you for your great service�, A. Lopez

  �The cards are great. I have been using brailled business cards for 3 years and have recommended your services to many of my customers�, J. Schiro


Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Electronic Media Services      [graphic site option]

  Our world uses the medium of computers for almost everything. Electronic transfer of information is fast, easy and inexpensive.

  Access-USA can produce your information on an adapted computer disk that allows you to get it out to your consumers in the form that they like and use best. Disks (CDs and floppies) can be prepared, copied and labeled quickly and professionally.

  One of the more common complaints from people who are blind or visually impaired, when it comes to computer disks, is the general inaccessibility of them.

  Hey just try it - put three disks in front of you, close your eyes and find the one with the children's story on it.

  Braille and print labels make all the difference. Like our audio recordings, adapted computer disks produced at Access-USA have labels that are readable.


Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Audio Recording Services      [graphic site option]

Access-USA audio recordings are a very effective vehicle for reaching large segments of society.

There are many people with visual impairments who cannot read large print and have not been able to learn Braille.

By making your information available in an audio format, you will insure that these people will hear what you have to say.

The commercial studios at Access-USA are specifically designed for producing audio recordings as an alternate format.

We use digital mastering, professional voices and beep tone indexing at each page and section to insure that your recordings are of the highest quality and are easy to use.

Packaging in soft cases and using high quality braille and print labels will show your listeners with visual impairments that their needs are the priority.

By providing various levels of audio production options Access-USA can help you best utilize your budget requirements and time objectives.

At the Professional level, audio recordings include all the `bells and whistles' and in the shortest time possible.

For recordings that have flexible time frames the Informational level may prove to be more economical and therefore your answer.

Access-USA can produce audio recordings that will fit your needs and in one of 150 languages.

Consultants are available to answer any questions or concerns.


Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Audio Description Services      [graphic site option]

Access-USA produces audio described videos that allow people with a visual impairment to enjoy video presentations of all kinds, from educational to entertainment.

Described videos have a narrative addition that details actions, reactions, locales and other subtle or salient factors that might otherwise be missed.

Access-USA's team of describers and editors watch each scene closely and then write this carefully crafted narrative.

Narrators and producers, working together, blend the narrative elements of the production with the video using specialized equipment.

The end result is a quality audio description that enhances the video and yet does not interfere with the original soundtrack.

Audio description services from Access-USA are ideal for all of your video productions from industrial information, training, government to broadcast and advertising.

Integrated video services give you the convenience of captioning and subtitling your production at the same time your video is being audio described thereby assuring that your product is truly Access-able.

All of our Access-able video services are available in 150 languages including language versioning where we translate an entire film into another language using either subtitles or voice-over techniques.

These services insure that your video is Access-able to the world.

Formats available - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, VHS, S-VHS, Betacam SP, 1" and Digital Betacam.


Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Open Captioning Text Services      [graphic site option]


Millions of consumers are not being reached effectively everyday across North America. These consumers are in the largest, single group of disabled persons - those people with a hearing impairment.

Access-USA captioning or subtitling puts the text from a video production onscreen for reading.  This will make your video accessible to people with hearing impairments.

Access-USA provides Open Captioning, Closed Captioning and Subtitling services.

Open Captioning places the text at the bottom of the screen, at all times, often in a black reader box.

Closed Captioning will put the text up on the screen as well but requires a separate decoder unit.

Subtitling is similar to Open Captioning but allows for text to be placed anywhere on the screen in a variety of print fonts and colors.

All televisions assembled today have built in decoders for caption capability.

Your viewers with hearing impairments will enjoy an enhanced perspective of your production by using these formats provided by Access-USA.

Access-USA remains on the cutting edge and so will you!


  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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Services Section

Quotes and Submissions

  Please contact us for free quotes.  A few points that you might like to keep in mind are as follows:

 a.  Alternative media production costs will vary depending on the services required,  i.e., whether a combination of formats  is  more effective , your choice of binding , number of copies requested and  any special concerns that are particular to your project. 

 b. Plain text is a more straight forward transcription than information  that has graphs , diagrams or charts  as they may require more in-depth interpretation . Therefore you may choose to review your document in advance to see if the submission needs your own writers interpretation, is understandable if graphs etc. are left out or you may choose our interpretation services.

 c. The type of document submitted  can also be taken into account  as we accept documents  in hard copy, disk and email. If your data is useable on disk or an email file then a cost savings can be realized. 


If you have any questions about documentation, formats, quotes,  or production our consultants will be happy to assist you.

  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.


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