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Brailled Microsoft (TM) business card produced by Access-USA(TM)






Brailled Apple (TM) business card produced by Access-USA(TM)







Brailled Braille Factory (TM) business card










Brailled New York State Commission business card produced by Access-USA(TM)










Example of an Apple(TM) brailled Business Card produced by Access-USA(TM)

Access-USA Braille business cards make good business sense. 

A business card is often the only thing a customer will take away from an encounter with you.

Make sure it's memorable.

Braille business cards are remarkable!

Braille business cards make a strong positive statement about the individual as well as the company they represent.

Braille business cards make good business sense.

Braille business cards give immediate information to people with visual impairments while leaving a lasting impression on the community at large.

Access-USA is North America's largest producer of high quality braille business cards.

We can braille a single box of business cards or a million bookmarks or folders with well defined, uniform, easy to read braille - quickly and economically.

When you send your standard, printed cards to Access-USA, we will braille them on the back with your name, your organization's name and your phone number.

Any number of standard size business cards, up to 500, will be brailled for $69.95 per person.

Shipping and handling will be additional.

Larger cards can also be brailled and can accommodate more information than regular cards.

Billing is treated as a second order if more than 4 lines of information are requested.

The parameters to consider when ordering a braille translation that may be different than above are the following:

* we can braille up to 4 lines per card
* 14 characters per line
* we will automatically translate to UEB unless otherwise instructed

If you have any questions or concerns, consultants will be pleased to assist you.

Call toll free 1.800.263.2750 or email.

Excerpts of comments received from Braille business card holders. . . .

"The Braille is such a nice touch for these cards. People have made so many remarks.

I would love to have an emailed catalogue to see what else might help me in my work.

Thank you "  P. Sugar

"Hello, I have gotten the business cards, and they are great.

Thank you."  J. Carson

"The cards are great. I have been using brailled business cards for 3 years and have recommended your services to many of my customers. "  J. Schiro
"Thanks....I love the cards....

in all of the National networking that I do I get a lot of comments. In non-disability related forums they are 'show stoppers'. 

More importantly, I am most satisfied when I have a person smile when they feel it is something they can read.

Thank you for your great service"  A. Lopez

Call toll free 1.800.263.2750 or email.

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