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professional description services




Deliver your message to the broadest range of age groups through multi-media effectiveness.



Integrated video productions for all your presentation needs

Access-USA produces audio described videos that allow people with a visual impairment to enjoy video presentations of all kinds, from educational to entertainment.

Described videos have a narrative addition that details actions, reactions, locales and other subtle or salient factors that might otherwise be missed.

Access-USA's team of describers and editors watch each scene closely and then write this carefully crafted narrative.

Narrators and producers, working together, blend the narrative elements of the production with the video using specialized equipment.

The end result is a quality audio description that enhances the video and yet does not interfere with the original soundtrack.

Audio description services from Access-USA are ideal for all of your video productions from industrial information, training, government to broadcast and advertising.

Integrated video services give you the convenience of captioning and subtitling your production at the same time your video is being audio described thereby assuring that your product is truly Access-able.

All of our Access-able video services are available in 150 languages including language versioning where we translate an entire film into another language using either subtitles or voice-over techniques.

These services insure that your video is Access-able to the world.

Formats available - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, VHS, S-VHS, Betacam SP, 1" and Digital Betacam.

Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.

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