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Open Captioning Text Services

  The largest, single group of people with a disability are those with a hearing impairment, and these people are not being communicated with effectively, everyday.

  Access-USA can make your video productions access-able to people with hearing impairments by adding Captioning or Subtitling.

  Captioning is the text from the video production, visible on screen.  Video productions that have been Closed Captioned require a separate decoder unit. Open Captioning places the text at the bottom of the screen, at all times, often in a black reader box.

  Subtitling differs from open captioning in that it allows for the printed text to be placed anywhere on the screen in a variety of print fonts and colors.

  The viewer can enjoy an enhanced perspective of the production through this format.  All televisions assembled today have built-in decoders for caption capability. 

  The video professionals at Access-USA can caption or subtitle your dramatic, educational, instructional or commercial productions quickly and efficiently to assure that your message is available to the broadest audience possible.

  Audio description, for people with visual impairments, can be delivered at the same time thanks to our fully integrated video facilities.

  Captioning and audio descriptive services from Access-USA are available in 150 languages. And these services may also be used in combination with language versioning thereby making you access-able  to the world!

  Your information can be translated and formatted to the system you require - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, VHS, S-VHS, Betacam SP, 1" and Digital Betacam.

  Access-USA remains on the cutting edge and so will you!


  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.   


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