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 Puzzle This !

New Product Announcement  from Access-USA

Braille Puzzles

These are The Coolest Thing to hit the market since the dot!

Access-USA braille puzzles can be used as learning tools, special gifts, fund raisers and even promotional materials.

All Access-USA puzzles are hand-made!

So, let me tell you how they work.

Imagine a folder with the front cover cut out as a frame.   The back inside cover is a matrix of rectangular boxes with raised outlines and
mixed up numbers.

Each box is labeled in braille and large
type with a number.  The puzzle pieces are printed in a glossy finish and then brailled with a number.

One matches the number on the puzzle piece to the number on the matrix, peels off the adhesive backing on the puzzle piece and
applies it to the background matrix within the raised outlines.

The print and braille alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9 are included so that persons who are learning braille can reference the appropriate characters.

Once the puzzle pieces have been attached, you will have a bright, beautiful picture ready to frame.

On the left hand inside of the folder is peel off sticky tape.   Remove tape and carefully close the folder and your picture is now framed.

There is a wide assortment of pictures to choose from - scenery, animals, flowers and seasonal photographs.

What a fun way to learn braille!

These puzzles can also be personalized.  When you send Access-USA a favorite photograph we can make it into a puzzle especially for you.    This option is particularly exciting for special family gifts, fund raisers and promotional specialties.

Contact Access-USA if you would like to learn more about our newest Braille Factory product - Braille Puzzles!


Call toll free 1.800.263.2750 or email.


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