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Large Print Services

  One of the least addressed concerns in society is print accessibility for people with low vision.

  These are not just the concerns of people with visual impairments but also for older persons because visual acuity frequently decreases with age.

  It makes good economic sense for businesses and organizations to provide their information in a large print format for the convenience and consideration of those customers who often have a greater percentage of disposable income than the average.

  Appropriate production of large print is more than merely enlarging a regular printed page.  By using particular printing attributes that help reduce eye strain Access-USA can produce material that gives your readers more comfort and ease of reading.


  Access-USA Customer Service is ready to assist you in preparing the best possible, large print documents for your project.  Items may be printed in large print only, or together with other formats to give your audience the most flexibility in accessing your products and services.

  Call toll free 1-800-263-2750 or email.  


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