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Closed Captioning Text Services

Hearing impairment.

The single, largest group of people with a disability and these consumers are not being communicated with effectively everyday.

Access-USA can make your video productions Access-able by adding Open or Closed Captioning.

Captioning is the text from the video production, visible on screen. Videos that are Closed Captioning require a decoder where Open Captioning places the text on screen in a black reader box at all times.

Access-USA professionals can caption your dramatic, educational, instructional or commercial productions quickly and efficiently to assure your message is open to a broader audience.

Video captioning services from Access-USA are available in 150 languages and may be used in combination with language versioning or subtitling.

Consultants are available for recommendations and quotations on the most appropriate product and services for your project.

By using fully integrated production facilities, we insure that your products are produced quickly, efficiently, on time and with maximum cost savings.


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